ASUS Laptop - Mosart Semi 2.4G Touchpad not recognized

I have an Asus S400C with Manjaro KDE Plasma. The touchpad is unresponsive and is not recognized in system settings.

I ran sudo libinput list-devices I get a MOSART Semi 2.4G Keyboard Mouse that shows up. I am assuming this is my touchpad. So while I am able to see that it is part of my system, it is not recognized.

I have searched and viewed several other threads. None of the solutions that worked for others seem to work for me. One thread mentioned checking the contents of usr/share/libinput…this folder does not even exist on my system. Where do I start, or look next to get things working?

Hi. U have probably looked at this already but have you tried different kernels? It’s an obvious one but I mention it just in case. I trust you find a solution soon. Ruziel :slight_smile:

Hi Ruziel I tried the newest non-experimental kernel. I did not however revert and go backwards. I suppose I could try that. I’m curious that I have no usr/share/libinput folder. One of the threads mentioned checking the configuration files located there. Kind of hard when it doesn’t exist. I’m assuming this is a system folder that would get created during the initial install. Thank you for the input and response.

Hi. Yeah, if 5.10 works on your machine then installing it will ensure you have a workable machine, when 5.15 gets phased out. 5.10 is proven & I know that Debian servers use it. All the best with getting the rest of it sorted. Cheers…