Asus laptop hdmi black screen issue

I installed the latest manjaro xfce and when i plug a hdmi cable into my laptop both the screen of my laptop and tv goes black with no way of getting out of it except hard powering off the system. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I was going to ask the same. My laptop is connected through HDMI to an external monitor but screens only work on startup, and if I lock the screen both screens go black again.
My Xorg log says
[ 2715.577] (**) | |–>Monitor “”
[ 2715.578] (==) No monitor specified for screen “eDP1”.
Using a default monitor configuration
so I created a new conf file but still doesn’t fix the problem

The screens work if i start up with HDMI in also, hopefully someone has a solution?
It seems to be a problem when manjaro has to detect the monitor when plugged in after boot or if you turn the external monitor off and on and when waking from sleep.