Aspell-ar in Third Party AUR not in Main

I was trying to install Arabic spell check, unfortunately I found many languages but not Arabic.

I had to enable third party to install aspell-ar.

I hope it is added to default repos.

Other than it is my mother tongue and language, I really hope it gets added to default repos as Arabic Language is an official UN Langauge on equal foot with other official UN languages Official Languages | United Nations.

I do not know if ALL six languages are available in main repos, so I suggest if any of the six official UN languages is not there to be added.

I believe if it is added it means that Manjaro is really a global and international distro. (I alredy installed aspell-ar)

Maybe other dictionaries as well not only aspell.

Thanks a lot.
P.S. I personally prefer to stick to default repos and not use third party.