Askpass for KDE?

I use phpstorm (dev-IDE) where I’ve added a command as external tool which start my database:

sudo systemctl start mongodb > /dev/null 2>&1 & disown

If I do execute this command, I got a message in the cli, that I need to install askpass or use Option -S for sudo.

Option -S is nothing for me, as I have to type the password - fully visible - in the terminal then (I heavily dislike this).

I’ve checked the package manager, and installed:

  • askpass-menu
  • openssh-askpass
  • x11-ssh-askpass
  • ksshaskpass
    But no Password-Dialog pop up if I execute the above sudo-command.

How to fix this?

systemctl asks for authorization when needed - sudo was never required (for as long as I can remember)

there is also the --user switch if the service is not system wide

It was some time ago, as I figured out this stuff, but I think I choosed the sudo-way in this case, because there was trouble with running this command from this IDE that way without a disown command.

It just does not seem right … :man_shrugging: but I’m positive that I cannot help further.
I’m neither a developer nor a KDE user.

Ok, I removed it and just use systemctl, and anything seems to work as expected.
Strange, I remember that I had some trouble in the past by using it, but now it seems to work.

That’s nice, I’m always happy if commands stay simple and straight forward.

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