Armoury Crate alternative for ASUS Laptop

I was wondering if someone has found an alternative to asus Armoury crate but on linux
Requirements :

  • it works
  • it lets me remap the “mute” and “Crate” Buttons
  • it makes me able to hook into it to get KDE Style popups for when i change “Performance Mode”
  • i dont care about RGB

Also, if it helps, my laptop is the ASUS TUF Dash F15 (TUF516P) and i am running Manjaro with KDE Desktop Environement

You might not have one utility for doing all of the above, but you may still manage with multiple ones.

I suppose that mode is handled by the motherboard? In that case notifications might be pushed through ACPI.

This is sadly the one that actually (finally) works after years of needing to go to Windows just to switch:

In case missed, the utility required can be chosen from the linked article on the top right: Input remap utilities - ArchWiki