[ARM Unstable Update] 2023-10-24: Phosh, Phoc, Gnome 45.1, Kodi, KDE-git

@JFL find below my answer

Don’t forget, I try to build unstable image without success.

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mesa needed a rebuild against llvm 17. This is now done. So booting might be possible. For Plasma Mobile we have to see what changed and adopt to Plasma Mobile 6 packages.

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Hi @philm,

I have installed mesa-24.0.3-1 on KDE Plasma 6, Plasma-Wayland still would not boot up. It can only boot into Plasma-X11.

Installing mesa-1:24.0.3-1.1 from ALARM, same result cannot boot into Plasma-Wayland.

On KDE Plasma 5.27.10 have NO issue booting into Plasma-Wayland or Plasma-X11.

Edit: KDE6 Login Screen Missing Theme

Edit: 2024-03-31. Upgraded to mesa-24.0.4-1, llvm-17 and KDE Plasma 6.0.3.
Device: GT King Pro (S922X, GPU: G52)

Still cannot login to Plasma-Wayland. Can only login to Plasma-X11

Downgrade to llvm-16 and mesa-24.0.2 Same result. Cannot login into Plasma-Wayland.\

Any users on GT King Pro or S922X device able to login to Plasma-Wayland after upgrading to KDE Plasma 6?

Edit: 2024-03-31 Manjaro-Arm-Gnome-linux-aml-6.1.79-1

Upgraded to Gnome-46.0-1, llvm-libs 17.0.6-2 and mesa-24.0.4-1 and Gnome-Wayland works as expected.

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