[ARM Testing Update] 2022-02-24 - Toolschain, Plasma, PlaMo Gear, Gnome, Firefox and kernels

What does

pacman -Qo /usr/lib/python3.10/site-packages/matrix_common/__pycache__/regex.cpython-310.pyc

If it says “No package own” the file, then you can just add --overwrite "*" to the update line.

@nl.smart pacman -Syyuu yields the same results.


pacman -Qo /usr/lib/python3.10/site-packages/matrix_common/__pycache__/regex.cpython
error: No package owns /usr/lib/python3.10/site-packages/matrix_common/__pycache__/regex.cpython

Yep, you’re right,now package own the file. I’ve just ran pacman -Syu --overwrite "*" and the update went well!

Thanks for your help!

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Kodi (the normal kodi-package not kodi-rpi) does not start up anymore here (manjaro-xfce, odroid-n2). There seems to be a dependency to a shared library which does not exist anymore (may be due to upgrade libnfs 4.0.0-4->5.0.1-1 ?):

peter@Odroid-oben ~]$ kodi
/usr/lib/kodi/kodi-x11: error while loading shared libraries: libnfs.so.13: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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Updating it now.

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I’ve got the Manjaro Community Edition Pinephone with this current update running and tonight I had time to check out the basic functionality on several of the default apps and functions. My notes are as follows:

Pinephone Manjaro ARM Testing


Volume buttons - working
Power button - working

Phosh - working

Date / Time - working

Mobile Network - working
Wifi - working
Bluetooth - working
SMS - I/O working
Calls - I/O working

Firefox - working
Gmail - working
Google Drive - working
Youtube - working
Manjaro.org - working - homepage text overlapping

Contacts - working
Calendar - working

Calculator - working, keyboard can pop up when going through menus

Lollypop - working
Megapixels - working
Image Viewer - working
Document Viewer - working
Portfolio - working

Podcasts - unable to add podcast via URL

Settings - working

Siglo - not working, able to detect and connect to PineTime with bluetooth, but it is never detected by PineTime whether or not PineTime connected to Bluetooth.

Telegram - working, keyboard slightly covering bottom of text entry field

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hello, for the tip about waydroid, when i run pkexec setup-waydroid i get no such file or directory. do you have an idea ?

Just to be 100% sure, did you install waydroid and waydroid-image?
Do you see both?

$ pacman -Qs waydroid

firefox-98 not start or no-respond?

firefox 98 is broke and I also believe it is in the unstable branch.

Downgrade to 97

Firefox 98 is not in our Testing branch yet.

If this is an issue on Unstable branch, please launch it from a terminal and tell us the output.

Hello, yes i’ve installed it via pacman manager, i 'm under wayland, and start command: waydroid init / start waydroid-container / waydroid session sart :Failed to start Clipboard manager service, check logs / waydroid show-full-ui :Failed to get service waydroidplatform, trying again…

Clipboard manager error can be ignored. To keep the log clean, you can activate AUR and install python-pyclip.

Also check the Waydroid config file, as explained here:

This is how I did it.