[ARM Stable Update] 2021-11-30 - Gnome 41, Pamac, LXQT 1.0, Firefox and Kernels

I can not call

I have do sudo pacman -Syyuu

I have do yay -Syyuu

Same sentence now

There is nothing to do

I have restart pinephone

I can’t call

oh pardon… was referring to another issue in the chat :frowning:

Thank you, that helped the xorg-xwayland issue!
I didn’t notice, with the update of 2021-11-30, that one of the first lines mentioned the version difference.

I’m getting this issue: xorg-server and xf86-video-fbturbo-git are in conflict (X-ABI-VIDEODRV_VERSION). Remove xf86-video-fbturbo-git?

Not having been able to find this mentioned anywhere I’m a little leary of saying yes and breaking the video on my PbP

See the Issues And Solutions post (which is post number 2 in this thread) for explanation for that.

I only see xf86 mentioned in the first post around R.Pi and Kodi. I used the search in topic and search in page after expanding all the spoilers.

I let it remove it and installed xf86-video-fbdev in it’s place. I would put this in the wikipost but it looks like I can’t edit it yet. Have the improvements in fbturbo been upstreamed?

With this stable update, if we decide to overclock the RPI 4, do we need to have in the config arm_boost=1 enabled and have the parameters we want to set at higher frequencies(arm_freq, gpu_freq, over_voltage)? Or we do not need to have the arm_boost set at all and just set the desired frequencies we want to push for?

I know Pi OS Bullseye has the arm_boost in the config but I wasn’t sure if we need to have it(or if it is available) in the Manjaro config.txt file. Sorry if this question is part of the latest stable update.

I use a Raspberry Pi 400 and here is what i have in my config.txt file as far as overclocking is concerned

This is the result I get via neofetch in the terminal

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On certain pi4 boards arm_boost=1 will increase the cpu frequency from 1500 to 1800 like the pi 400. If you want higher like @Lizzie or have an older board continue like you are doing. You should be able to just set the arm_freq=??? and it will now figure out the correct voltage.

This all hinges on having the current kernel / raspberrypi-bootloader / raspberrypi-bootloader-x packages installed.


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Thanks for the replies @Lizzie @Darksky! have something similar to Lizzie’s config and didn’t realize neofetch showed the frequency, usually I just use HTOP and test it under load. Out of curiosity, have any users attempted to increase/decrease the base/minimum frequencies? I am planning on adding the following lines to increase the base minimum frequencies for the RPI 4:


I wanted to know if this is okay and wouldn’t cause any damages or just reckless to do? Would love to hear any users input in doing something similar to this. For note, I am planning to test this using the Bullseye build and Manjaro-Arm build with an Ice-Tower cooler.

Night mode is finally working on Pinebook Pro KDE Plasma :smiley:
And the screen lock/sleep disabling and re-enabling works too in both - the battery applet and the display layout applet :+1:

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is the ethernet bug on RK3339 boards fixed?

Yes. Has been for a while now.

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