[ARM] Mirrors wanted!



Hi all.

This is merely a request.

Manjaro ARM is in need of more mirrors from all over the world.
Currently we have mirrors in:
Denmark: 3!
Switzherland: 1
USA: 1

So I would like for you guys to ask around, specifically in:
North America
South America
and Australia.

The mirror only needs to house around 50 GB of stuff and have a package listing available in either https, https or ftp over a website.

Please contact me for info on how to sync with us!

Thank you.


Can the existing Manjaro mirror network not also accommodate the ARM packages, like it also does for Manjaro32 (ie x32-unstable, x32-testing, x32-stable)?


That would require boxit support, which is not possible at this time.


A thought for the future is to use IPFS the Interplanetary File System or something similar, that way Manjaro ARM packages are stored distributed and decentralised. Perhaps initially it could be trialled alongside the central servers and obviously research into the practicality would be needed.

As I understand things so far such systems are related to Distributed Ledger Technologies and the Decentralized Web. I believe there are a number of distributed and decentralised storage systems in development, though IPFS is usable now.


But the mirror software does not support looking up hashes…


Just sent you a pm. Can provide a mirror in germany…


Anyone else, preferably in South America, Asia, Africa or Australia, can supply a mirror for the project? :slight_smile: