[ARM] Mirrors wanted!



Hi all.

This is merely a request.

Manjaro ARM is in need of more mirrors from all over the world.
Currently we have mirrors in:
Denmark: 3!
Switzherland: 1
USA: 1

So I would like for you guys to ask around, specifically in:
North America
South America
and Australia.

The mirror only needs to house around 50 GB of stuff and have a package listing available in either https, https or ftp over a website.

Please contact me for info on how to sync with us!

Thank you.


Can the existing Manjaro mirror network not also accommodate the ARM packages, like it also does for Manjaro32 (ie x32-unstable, x32-testing, x32-stable)?


That would require boxit support, which is not possible at this time.


A thought for the future is to use IPFS the Interplanetary File System or something similar, that way Manjaro ARM packages are stored distributed and decentralised. Perhaps initially it could be trialled alongside the central servers and obviously research into the practicality would be needed.

As I understand things so far such systems are related to Distributed Ledger Technologies and the Decentralized Web. I believe there are a number of distributed and decentralised storage systems in development, though IPFS is usable now.


But the mirror software does not support looking up hashes…


Just sent you a pm. Can provide a mirror in germany…


Anyone else, preferably in South America, Asia, Africa or Australia, can supply a mirror for the project? :slight_smile:


Speaking of mirrors; may need to update my mirror list manually.
Where can I find a (working) mirror list for the ARM branch? :open_mouth:


Just update the package pacman-mirrorlist and then run sudo pacman-mirrors -g.

That will give you the updated mirrorlist. :slight_smile:


If the blocking point to add ARM packages in our official mirror is only a boxit support I can have a look at the code @philm


The problem is that Arch ARM does not support pulling with rsync, so I have to pull the packages I want, with wget. :slight_smile:

Boxit support has been talked about before, but dropped, because it would require a large portion to be rewritten.
And my server scripts work pretty good, so… :slight_smile:


I have a raspberry pi server at my home not doing much so I could provide a mirror in Australia


What would be the expense of running this in the cloud? Aws, digital ocean whatever the Manjaro team preference is.

Is there any major reasons that’s a bad idea?


As the mirrror requires around 40 GB, it would be around $10 pr month if on Digital Ocean.

It’s not a bad idea. Just not something the Manjaro ARM team can finance. :slight_smile:


According to what I’m seeing its more like $5 per month, so long as things are built elsewhere.


Didn’t know you could use spaces like that. I always thought they had to be connected to a droplet.
Alright then. $5 it is for a digital ocean mirror where everything is stored.


an other solution would be to try to contact some of administrator of the actual mirror of manjaro to ask them if they would accept to create mirror for manjaro arm too. :thinking:

like as:

How can I have content added?

If there is content that you would like to see on this mirror, please email info@melbourneitmirror.net with the following information:

  • Site/project name
  • Mirror information page
  • Any other information

We will evaluate the suggestion and let you know what the outcome is.


I agree.
But that could get time consuming, and as I am doing this is my free/spare time, I’d rather use the time elsewhere.
And mirrors are a great way to contribute to a project. :slight_smile:


yes… but to find person that have the possibility and agree to host mirror is also complicate.

there is no way that the “main manjaro repos” sync from manjaro arm?


They are free to sync from the main Manjaro-ARM repo with rsync.
Someone just has to inform them of it.

I do wonder if I can connect to a Digital Ocean space and executes scripts? My guess would be no, since that would require CPU capabilities.