ARM Mate Desktop - Raspberry Pi 400 - Printer Capability Help

Moved Raspberry Pi 400 from Pop_OS 21.10 to Manjaro MATE 22.06 and loving it, no errors, all the software needed and updates/install smooth.

Have a modern HP Color Laserjet on the network that is used by other Windows and Linux Mint machines, but need help on how to get the Manjaro Pi to connect - can’t figure it out - CUPS, HP Software - nothing seems to be working? Any help appreciated

If it is a network printer you probably need avahi.service to be running.

hplip package has an optional dependency on python-pyqt5 - the toolbox will not work without.

You may also want to sync the package system-config-printer as neither is default installed.

sudo pacman -Syu cups hplip system-config-printer python-pyqt5

And you will need to enable and start the cups service

sudo systemctl enable --now cups

Thank you so much for those instructions and terminal entries, that worked perfect. Pi 400 printing with no issues.
Appreciate the Manjaro community to help others, very cool

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