[ARM EFI] [Pinebook Pro] Keyboard inconsistent in grub


Using ARM EFI Manjaro on a Pinebook Pro, I’ve noticed that the use of the keyboard is rather inconsistent in grub.

At some boots it works, at some boots it simply does not work, and at some boots it works for a few seconds before stopping working.

Whether it’s a cold boot or a reboot seems to make no difference.

I’ve noticed the same thing in Tow-Boot firmware menu.

So I believe it’s an issue with tow-boot.

I haven’t noticed this. Although I had noticed that both with tow-boot and the original u-boot, keys might be slow to be taken into account and had to be kept pressed longer than usual.

i’ve noticed this at well, and i thought it was just random, but after closer inspection, the workaround here seems to work for me.

Perhaps yall can vote on this issue if its the same one for you.

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