[ARM] [22.02] [XFce] Missing mugshot package


Manjaro XFce for Pi 4 misses the “mugshot” package - that seems completely unavailable even thru pamac - and clicking on the main menu, then on you user profile icon, throws an error message about this.

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Yes. Mugshot has not been part of the repositories for a while, but the XFCE user profile tool still assumes it’s there to be used. But it’s not.

It’s available in the AUR though:

For x64 we compiled it. We should do the same for ARM.

I wonder why Arch threw it out, if xfce depends on it…

@darksky should decide if he wants it in the xfce edition or not.

Just built and pushed to repo. Also added to XFCE profile and PKGBUILD repo.

[ray@pi4 mugshot]$ sudo pacman -Ss mugshot
community/mugshot 0.4.3-2
    Program to update personal user details
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It looks like ArchLinux moved it to AUR because it was orphaned. It wasn’t in a Debian Buster (2019-07-06). because of a bug and a missed window.

Whisker menu is flexible. It gives the user the option to not invoke anything or change the application.
Right-click > Properties > Edit Profile. The user can uncheck it so the button does nothing, or change the application. It can be changed to anything… I was caught off guard when mugshot updated /etc/passwd. I just assumed it was more cosmetic or application oriented, like ~/.face, ID info in libreoffice, which it confirmed.

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