Are ZFS kernel modules available?

Basically, I installed the linux61-zfs package, but ZFS seems to be unavailable after restarting the computer.

Besides installing the linux61-zfs package, is there any other configuration required?

The ZFS packages on the AUR seem to be outdated, I am now compiling and using the PKGBUILD provided by the archzfs repository.

Do you want to run ZFS on an external partition?

Install zfs-dkms and zfs-utils and linux61-headers

Is the linux61-zfs package not available now?
Dkms module installation usually takes a lot of time, so I don’t like dkms very much.

Yes, it is available.

But it takes about 2 -3 min for me when using 16 cores., done.

Ok, so are the zfs-dkms and zfs-utils packages available now?

Of course, yes

Basically I rebooted the computer after installing zfs-utils with linux61-zfs, and ZFS actually seemed to be unavailable.

But after installing zfs-utils-git and zfs-dkms-git, ZFS is available.

The installation process of the linux61-zfs package seems to be wrong.

  1. Remove the conflict linux61-zfs, then reboot
  2. install linux61, then reboot
  3. install linux61-headers, zfs-utils and zfs-dkms
  4. Run $ sudo dkms install zfs/2.1.7
  5. Enable the module $ sudo modprobe zfs
  6. Reboot.
  7. Check ZFS version $ zpool --version
zpool --version

sudo zpool import -a
This pool uses the following feature(s) not supported by this system:
        com.delphix:head_errlog (Support for per-dataset on-disk error logs.)
cannot import 'homedata': unsupported version or feature

zpool-features.7 — OpenZFS documentation

This feature enables the upgraded version of errlog, which required an on-disk error log format change. Now the error log of each head dataset is stored separately in the zap object and keyed by the head id. In case of encrypted filesystems with unloaded keys or unmounted encrypted filesystems we are unable to check their snapshots or clones for errors and these will not be reported. With this feature enabled, every dataset affected by an error block is listed in the output of zpool status.

This feature becomes active as soon as it is enabled and will never return to being enabled.

My pool uses a new feature that is not compatible with the stable version of openzfs, and once this feature is on it cannot be turned off.

I remember my pool was created while using the zfs-dkms-git package, so I can’t use the linux-zfs package unless I compile the new linux-zfs package myself.

The ZFS developers claim that the next stable release that includes this feature will be in March, so it looks like I’ll just have to wait for a package update. :joy:

I’m not sure why you installed zfs-dkms-git (version 2.1.99) from AUR first even though zfs-dkms (2.1.7) already exists in the official repos. :man_shrugging:

I guess, zfs-dkms-git ( 2.1.99) needs more testing.

See the latest stable release is 2.1.7: Releases · openzfs/zfs · GitHub

I guess I may have encountered some troubles in ZFS deployment at that time. I may have tried a lot of deployment methods, which resulted in the current dilemma. :joy:

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