Are there some PDF readers or editors recommended?

Okular does a stellar job with e-books displaying the contents with the table at the side if you want it…
but then - if you’re using e-books - you should have Calibre which has a great e-book reader as well as an editor included.

FF has a built-in pdf viewer & it is suppose to be able to handle forms.

Mozilla has also added support for AcroForm [Acrobat Form Technology/PDF] to the Firefox built-in PDF reader. If PDF files support interactive form fields, Firefox 81 will let users fill in, print, and save the PDF forms right in their browser, without needing a separate PDF app.

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Sorry for reviving a dead( but extremely useful) thread, but could anyone suggest a pdf reader with Middle-click scroll enabled? Years of Adobe(and Win) has spoiled me with this feature that I just can’t do without. I’ve managed to enable it on the browsers, but can’t seem to find a pdf reader with this feature.

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If you drop a PDF in Firefox with ‘autoscrolling’ checked in Firefox preferences, you can use middle mouse to scroll the PDF.


Doesn’t Okular support this?

No, and the creator outright refused to implement it.

Yes, I have done that, but PDF readers in browsers are very limited. And just for OCD/closure’s sake, I’d like a PDF reader program.

Well I use mouse gestures (Easystroke) so when I want to page down, I just do a gesture (vertical line up/down = pgUp/pgDown) - thankfully I don’t use Windows.

Thanks for the tip!

Sadly, Linux pre-installs isn’t a ( widely popular) thing yet. (sorry for the horrible grammar) :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Just a quick question: what’s wrong with ↑ ↓ keys?

Foxit Reader (AUR) was looking promising, with annotations and comments, but it looks like it has been abandoned. While it doesn’t have MMB scrolling, you can set the view to continuous mode and use the ↑ and ↓ keys.

Nothing, force of habit (a very bad one it seems).
Being a mouse guy is a very rare thing in the Linux community it seems! I’d have to make a painful transition to the keyboard. Thank you guys anyways for replying.
Also quick question, how did you draw/write the arrows?

I still like my mouse for some things, but when typing, moving the hand to mouse is less efficient. Making the switch to keyboard (shortcuts) isn’t so bad once you do them more often. Even in Windows, there are many of them. Even simple ones when document editing, like CTRL + to move the cursor a whole word along seem to be universal.

An accidental discovery a while back.
ALT + SHIFT + U = ↑
ALT + U = ↓

It’s like keyboard Wingdings or whatever it is.

If you don’t mind proprietary software, WPS Office has a PDF reader with MMB scrolling and annotations.
WPS Office is in AUR.

I only just realised it has a PDF reader.
When I do use WPS I run it in firejail, just to stop any home calls.

Ah WPS! I have horrible memories of installing it on Windows and then not being able to delete it and it consuming huge amt. of RAM+internet (calling home?). Using it in Firejail isn’t something I’ve thought. Thanks for the idea!

You would still need to map them to the mouse to use the mouse for scrolling - where the mousewheel would do fine, it isn’t the same thing at all.
I settled for pageup/down mouse shortcuts instead.

For annotations and comments I like Sedja (though it’s limited to a few docs per day unless you’re rich) and sometimes I open a terminal and use pdftoppm like this:
pdftoppm document.pdf document.png -png
… then edit png’s in Gimp.

It’s all a bit clunky TBH. Sedja is pretty sweet though… I never use WPS for PDF’s, but for spreadsheets and documents it’s pretty good. To a large extent it’s up to your workflow, so you have to suck to see…

My son’s (Thai) school sends PDF’s and opens albums in LINE so students can post images in response… crazy (and also it means all the other students see your work - so it’s easy to cheat). They even did it for a test!!!

Hello Ben,

I don’t know anything about mapping keys system wide. I wasn’t saying they were the same thing, just that the arrow keys can be used, and sometimes more efficiently than taking a hand off of the keyboard, going to the mouse, and then back to the keyboard. And in combination with pgUp/pgDown would make it faster.

I suppose it pays in your son’s school not to be the first to submit work.

mousewheel scrolling works here with Okular just fine

I just tried atril based on other recommendations here, and out of about 5 viewers, it was the only one that could open a web link in a PDF I’m viewing. Seems pretty nice and lightweight.

Actually, Movavi, apart from their free tools and multifunctional video editors have a pdf-editor as well. An online version can be found through their official link.

Hope it will help.

安装okular-backend-mupdf-git后中文注释能显示了,但只能保存成Okular archive的格式

The Chinese comment in Okular can be rendered correctly after installing the okular-backend-mupdf-git in AUR.

update: but the edited file can not be directly saved as the pdf file, only the Okular archive file format is supported …