Are there a TOML parser for bash which is included in every Manjaro ISO version (better to both: ARM and x86-64 architectures)?

(TOML: Tom's Obvious Minimal Language)

I see only python stuff:

~/Desktop ❯ pamac search toml -i
python-tomli 1.2.2-4   extra 
    A lil' TOML parser
python-toml  0.10.2-5  community 
    A Python library for parsing and creating TOML
~/Desktop ❯ 

To answer your topic question - no, I don’t think so.

Have you applied your search-fu at duckduckgo before asking ?

pamac search toml
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no, cause I need exacly built-in/ ready to use in all ISO images w/o dependency installation. It is Manjaro-specific environment Q, not any parser on the Earth.

The same note: need pre-installed already as shown in search query in initial post search and in the topic title.


This reads as every Linux distro on earth.

Are there TOML parser for bash which is included in every distro?

If you were specific about Manjaro the word edition would have triggered a slightly different response - with the final answer still being no.


Yes, I should be more specific to note that.

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