Are statistics available how often each version of Manjaro was downloaded

Are statistics available how often each version of Manjaro was downloaded?

From the latest Twitter post about this topic …

More on this Twitter status


Thank you for this, but the regions is not what I meant. I guess this is the traffic data for the website itself right? I am curious to which Manjaro Editions are downloaded most and worst.

old “charts” by iso …


@thingsiplay I have downloaded Manajro Iso more than 30 times already but I have it running only on one machine. Oh, I also run VMs with different Manjaro versions and DE which I upgrade from time to time.
Download stats won’t tell anything these days with all the technical options available. It would be more interesting who is driving it on a local machine.


I am not here for a lecture how useful download statistics are. I just ask if these are available to me. If you don’t want share, that is fine, but let me decide myself what is useful. I will stop watching this post then, you can close or delete it if you want.

Edit: Because this thread was cleaned, now nobody understands my frustration. It is not just the one guy I was replying here. Actually it was someone else who constantly gave me a lecture why statistics are not useful.

@thingsiplay has a popularity ranking with page hits and user rating, unfortunately not separated by version or DE
Edit: I apologize to you in case. My comment wasn’t meant to upset you or anyone here, only to highlight some of the issues with statistics.


Ubuntu has this kind of stats even not sure if it’s your real question and sorry if it’s not:

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Thread cleaned. :broom:

Please stay on topic and be excellent to each other.


Not exactly manjaro…

The statistician needs good working telemetry to collect data and calculate numbers for new statistic. But until now, many distros have no telemetry or weak telemetry. Because there are other many people who are against telemetry because of poor privacy…
That is why you get bad statistics or no statistic. If you need good statistic, then you support telemetry.
That is a difficult decision for Manjaro team.


Any sort of monitoring be it forced or default to disabled is met by huge resistance, I don’t think it’s worth the backlash which would indeed follow such a thing.

I’m not against it.

With all of the technical alternatives accessible these days, download statistics won’t tell you much. On a local machine, it would be more interesting to see who is driving it.

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