Are rebuilt python packages being synced/replaced on the go?

Wait, what? Why?

Because Arch updated to Python 3.12 which requires rebuilds. (I don’t expect system breakage because nothing hard depends on Python, however, some programs won’t work.)

Yes, I know. I’m using it for a week already. The question was in regards to the second sentence. Are rebuilt python packages being synced/replaced on the go?

I guess that the packages that need rebuilds are Manjaro packages which are not directly taken from Arch.

Apparently you’re lost, as this is the Manjaro Unstable feedback thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just synced almost 3,000 packages from Arch Stable before I began rebuilds for Manjaro packages.

Since you’re obviously using Arch Testing, you should be providing feedback according what Arch requests for using that branch. :wink:

I’m not. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m asking why should anyone wait – on Manjaro unstable.

I thought you do rebuilds before syncing everything together. Maybe you need a staging repo? :stuck_out_tongue:

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…and your question was already answered above.

Does not compute. How can I rebuild packages on Python 3.12 if it isn’t there yet?

Maybe you’re not aware of how we do things:

You use staging repo or something.

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It’s like you’re deliberately being dense. If you’re using Arch Testing, then why are you here?

:joy: Are you serious? I asked a normal, valid question. I see you edited your answer in the other thread now, but you could very well said “It is how it is”.

I also use Windows, Debian, AlmaLinux, Proxmox and bunch of other stuff, so what? I’m not asking about those here.

unstable is a staging branch. Manjaro syncs packages from Arch and it takes time to compile our overlay packages against it. When all is done and tested by us we create a testing snapshot. For general users unstable is not recommended.

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Thanks for clarification.

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Apparently I misunderstood you and perhaps I did not explain well enough. Apologies.


I’d like to know if Manjaro will rebuild packages like vorta automatically or will it be manual?

vorta is an AUR package that you installed yourself. You are the package maintainer. :wink:

I went through the issue with another Arch distro which rolled out the python upgrade.

I somewhat caught there was a python upgrade, but I was miles away from thinking it would require a manual rebuild as it broke basic python scripts.

Short of automatically updating the package that can be deterministically predicted to break, at the very least push somehow a prompt that will get noticed?

Every distro is free to support the level of integration it wishes.

I am surprised that a corporate backed distro would not take ownership of such simple fix.

Still be using Manjaro though.

You are not recognizing the point here…

The Arch User Repository is not supported and not part of manjaro.

You using it means its your responsibility.

And, as with all manually incoporated software … that also means updating it is your responsibility.

It is well known that in the scenario in which the system libraries are updated the reliant software itself may need to be rebuilt against those newer libraries.

IE - (supported) system python is updated; you must now recompile your custom python programs against the new python version.

There is no reasonable way to ask the distro, corporate or otherwise, to do this for you.


I can appreciate that presenting a prompt to run something similar as

yay -S --answerclean=All --noconfirm $(yay -Qoq /usr/lib/python3.11)

seems “unreasonable”.

Thanks for the perspective.

Besides the fact that I would hate anything like what is presented there.
Its also not something to do lightly … noconfirm should rarely be used at all … let alone in an automated way.

Again I must stress that everything you are talking about is unsupported.

There may exist some way for you to wget the newest firefox tarball … but should you? And should your unrelated desktop operating system serve such a thing during its foundational system updates?

Why stop there?

Manjaro upgrades should also include pip and npm commands automatically run, affecting all of your local projects. ( < tis sarcasm, thats a bad idea, and would rightly be considered ludicrous )

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I agree on --noconfirm, as noted, “similar as”.

A choice would also need to confirm each package to re-install.

I advocate, rather think outloud, on how such support might serve in lowering the technical level required to run Manjaro.

MHWD got me to choose Manjaro in the first place.

My thinking is that yay knows which packages are installed so rebuilds can be presented as targeted options.

I can appreciate my outlook is out of the supported scope, at this time.

Expanding scope of support may or may not result into larger adoption.