Are -git repositories safe?

Hey Guys!

I needed to download “ffmpeg” for one of my programs and there were two types of this package:

  1. ffmpeg-full
  2. ffmpeg-full-git

I had trouble installing first, so I chose the one with -git.

Is it safe to download/use this packages?


There are two versions: 3.4.2 and 4.3.2 … did you tried both? The git version is 4.4

AUR packages are always users responsibility when installed, and their safety depends on the AUR packagers. There is never a guaranty to them, but also there are no real reasons to get into complete distrust. You could read more about in the wiki


When I started installation there was 2 or more providers for some packages. Whenever I used packages without -git there was an error in the end, after it asked me to import pgp key. So I used -git providers and it seems to be working!
The main thing, is that I chose to install package without -git (4.3.2-1 version) but then, when it asked me to choose provider, I chose -git.

Okay, I got it, but what about packages provided by GitHub? What’s the difference between them and the ordinary packages?

Normally, GitHub does not provide packages; it is a repository for source code. Usually, if the repository maintainer/owner is aware of an Arch package, they’ll provide a link to the AUR, and/or give you configure-make-make install instructions.

If they do provide an actual package whatever-program-1.0.0-1-x86-64.pkg.tar.zst, then you have another set of issues to deal with - I’ll let you contemplate and work that out yourself. :slight_smile:

<sigh> - Seems like GPG is becoming the bane of your experience. :frowning:


ffmpeg is in the extra repo, no need to install anything from the AUR.

Which one?

Why can’t be said in the first post?

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