Are Game Pass games available?

Hello guys i was wondering on if game pass games were avaliable or if you can add them to steam
If not is it available on lutris

Surely Gamepass is Microsoft - for PC or Xbox…

Ive heard about cloud gaming or some rumors about game pass games on steam however i wasnt to surety

It is available with Lutris. But this is a Microsoft product. While I nave never tried it, the odds are that if it does work, it will not work as well as on windows. It will likely default to the base resolution and bit rate.

That being said, all this was easily found doing a search for “Game Pass Linux”. Remember search engines are your friend for finding answers.

Thank you i apologize as its my first time for linux which is why i ask questions

Not a problem, everyone asks questions first when new. But 99.9% of the questions have been asked before and answered. In the future at least try and search for solutions first before posting. :grinning:

Thank you

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