Are flatpak apps automatically updated on Manjaro KDE

If I installed flatpak apps by running the command posted on flathub, will those apps be updated automatically on Manjaro KDE? If not, is there a way to enable that?
Should I install Discover, or is that not related?


Flatpacks are indeed automatically updated with pamac-manager!

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If you want to do it on terminal you can also create a script for your update that will run pacman update… and flatpak updates afterwards…

In my case my script do the update with pacman then aur updates with yay and flatpak with flatpak. (I don’t use snaps and snaps are automatic by snapd)

And if you use pamac like as said above there is a setting to check for flatpak updates

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Thanks. I checked in pamac settings and I saw that updates were disabled for both snap and flatpak, but it’s easy as pie to enable them.