Are community builds safe to use?

Are community builds safe to use since they are not maintained by Manjaro devs?

Yes. it’s just that the list of packages installed could be a little different compared to official editions.

About Cinnamon edition, it’s maintained by a Manjaro team member. But on his own. Anyway, as safe as the others.

It’s just that they are not updated as often as say KDE or Gnome (who are anyway actively developed and may know several versions the same year).


Community builds are maintained by Manjaro developers. I think you’re mixing things up with the spins. Spins are built by community members. :wink:


What’s the difference between builds and spins?

  • A spin is an edition ─ often with a customized package list and/or a custom theme and/or a customized configuration ─ which is created by a member of the community.

  • A community build is just a flavor of Manjaro with a user interface other than Plasma, GNOME or XFCE, and these builds are still made by Manjaro developers, but in their own time, since they are not “official” releases.


Thanks! This forum is really helpful.


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