Ardour plugins not showing on alt tab

How can i use the plugins? Every window is gone after im alt tabbing out of ardour. If i alt tab then the plugin doesnt show so i can’t go into a plugin window.

Those instructions are not updated and what i guessed from the instructions for the new KDE made it so the plugins were over every window constantly .

well i expected more of kde plasma (customisable…) but i guess the solution is all plugins are forced over every application and you close them before alt-tabbing (hopefully plugin state saves)

Just a few UI modification, what needs to be added remains the same.


KDE customization doesn’t go this deep. They simply just have different base POV that’s incompatible with the rest. Weirdly enough as Ardour seems to be the only one affected, while other apps, even the same GTK based ones, don’t seem to have this problem.

I think gimp has or had a problem with it also, thats where ardour got the statement that KDE does it different than all other VMs

Aaah… I have GIMP in single window mode since the first time it has the feature. Perhaps that’s why I don’t experience it.