Archlinuxfr.db failed to download

Experienced hobby user with a newb problem.

“archlinuxfr.db failed to download”

No update for me! What is the solution? Never occurred before on my system. Second Manjaro box updated zero issues. Thanks in advance.

You probably modified your repository configuration and there is an issue with it. This doesn’t exist in Manjaro.

Not to be rude but as an experienced user you may try to google your error message. This is “newb” behavior.

418 - Gone started in 2006, to host packages created by the Archlinux french community, with AFUR “Arch French User Repository”.

The most famous package hosted was Yaourt, loved and hated by the community.

Yaourt has been discontinued in 2018 (Requesting official statement from developers · Issue #382 · archlinuxfr/yaourt · GitHub), and nobody really uses anymore, so it’s time to say goodbye ([afur] Fermeture [afur] / ? - [Forums], in french).


Sept 2023

If you google it you will see a topic in the archlinux forum - seems like a dead mirror.
Update your mirrors.

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu

If it fails you will have to provide more info like inxi, the log and pacman.conf

Aha, thank you, discriminating the error between my mistaking Manjaro pacman for Arch aur updates clarifies my Googlegoggles.

It’s not a dead mirror, it is a discontinued custom repository from Arch French community for custom packages. As you said in 2 seconds by googling the message you have the answer as first result, a post from 4 days ago on the Arch Linux forum.

omano … yes, now I see it in pacman.conf

Why … of course Arch modifies something called pacman. How stupid of me.

Thank you for your pointer. Updating now.

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