Archived forum entry - what was the content

In the archived entry below, the manjaro user said they made the “following keyboard shortcuts in the Window Manager settings” and they must have included an image, which aren’t in the archive. Anyone know what the image might have contained. What keyboard shortcuts did the user make in the Window Manager settings?


What I have done is first to “liberating” my Windows key by following the info in this post by @kwg

And then make the following keyboard shortcuts in the Window Manager settings

Relevant XKCD: :grin:

Who were you, Ferdinand? What did you do?!


Hilarious as it is … and sad … yes the hosting is all gone, and there is no retrieving the image.

And we would like to take this moment to remind you that - IMAGES ARE DISCOURAGED.
In virtually all cases text is preferred.
This is one example.


Maybe something similar to the screenshot posted here:
Configure Windows keyboard shortcuts in XFCE | Tobanet

That seems to work, and by work I mean the windows move about the desktop space :slight_smile:

Settings > Window Manager > Keyboard

Tile window to the top            Super+Up
Tile window to the bottom         Super+Down
Tile window to the left           Super+Left
Tile window to the right          Super+Right

Just curious if xfwm has this capability:

  • If I click Super+Left twice, the second window overlays the first. Is it possible for the second window to tile next to the first window?

  • Similarly, is it possible to tile all the windows on the Desktop? For example, if I have two windows, they would take up 50% of the desktop each. AAAAhhh, Super+Left and then Super+Right will do that.


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