Architect: noob uncertainty regarding SWAP and LVM


  1. i am not certain how do i as a Linux amateur configure swap in Architect installer. On partitioning page, it said i should configure swap when mounting the drive or partition. This seems like a vague description - do not know when(post-install manually?)/where in Architect.
    Note that i prefer encrypted swap, see below about encryption:

  2. In Architect the encryption tab i selected custom cypher entry, and proceed with root partition, it said it is missing something like xsv/cryptsetup then it said: “Opened and ready for LVM (recommended) or direct mounting.”
    LVM? I do not know how to proceed regarding LVM, on LVM page is written that the LVM can be used with encrypted partition to create multiple logical volumes (e.g. /root and /home) in it. So what do you suggest here? I have only one small internal drive and large external drive. I want to be using swap and suspend to disk (hibernation) can be plus and prefer encrypted swap (zswap). How do i go about this LVM thing and how LVM is beneficial in swap regard and in encryption regard?
    In the LVM wizard, one have to select partitions that should be part of it and i do not know if i should select all three: root, cryptroot and boot - there is no hint.

The GUI installer gives impression (disk visualisation) that when swap with hibernate support is enabled and enctyption too, it create single LUKS partition - that looks good:

Btw. partitioning in Architect seems impossible to make right once i made a LUKS root partition on sda2, i tried to repartition by deleting partitions and creating sda2 as swap in cfdisk, but “List devices” shows different shceme. gfdisk, says something about broken partition table on saving. I do not want to use option to wipe the disk securely, i would use just quick wipe.

as I mentioned in the other other topic, forget LVM, forget swap partition, use a swap-file on an encrypted btrfs partition (if you want to make use of snapshots)

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I didn’t use swap when I installed

, but I am not the right person to direct u in this

Thank you both and forgive me please my lame explanation i am not a native english speaker.
regarding SWAP, i was concerned about it due to the claims of hibernation to work on swap partition and not out of the box on btrfs + swap file: Power management/Suspend and hibernate - ArchWiki

And another one: Btrfs - ArchWiki mentions “The swap file cannot be on a snapshotted subvolume. The proper procedure is to create a new subvolume to place the swap file in.” - but they possibly mean LVM, which i should not need to be using i guess.

Please do you have any feedback regarding mentioned things?

Btw. on my test Virtualbox instance, i shrinked swap partition without problem in gparted after clicking it and selected Swapoff. Though was unable to resize btrfs system while it was running, so in Manjaro live iso system i was able to increase system luks partition and grow btrfs filesystem on it in gparted (click partitions and select Open encryption, then click again and resize partitions, apply, refresh, click one more time, select Check of the system partition which fixed/growed filesystem). More complicated is to increase swap size. So i am suggested to forget swap partition and use the swap file instead.

Thanks, so the swap will be encrypted, and then the suspend to RAM will work, but hibernate not. How would you make hibernation working on encrypted swap file? I read arch wiki article, but it is too technical for me that i do not see if it actually speak about the solution to this.

Truthfully… hibernation on Linux is sometimes too wonky to use… I’ve read too many issues about it.

I’d recommend not using hibernation, and only suspend. But if you want to get hibernation to work… then you’ll have more work ahead of you.