Architect Installer Missing Kernel Modules for ZFS

Hi everyone,

In the Manjaro release announcement post for 20.1 Mikah, it mentions that “Manjaro Architect supports now ZFS installation by providing the needed kernel modules.” I downloaded a new Manjaro Architect installer, and gave it a shot, but I was not able to install ZFS; instead I received the The kernel modules to support ZFS were not found when clicking Prepare Installation → ZFS (optional).

Looking into the message, I see other threads about the same issue but I didn’t find a resolution for myself. It looks like a linuxV-zfs package may be needed, where V is the version of linux being ran, e.g. linux56-zfs.

I figured I’d need the package that matches the output of uname -r, which output 5.6.15-1-MANJARO for my installer. Running
sudo pacman -Ss linux*|grep zfs returned a list of packages of the format linuxV-zfs, like I mentioned earlier. I noticed there is no linux56-zfs package, and got stuck from there. I tried installing linux58-zfs, linux59-zfs, and linux-latest-zfs each separately with no success, as in the message from running Prepare Installation → ZFS (optional) was the same.

For reference, my Manjaro Architect ISO is manjaro-architect-20.0.3-200607-linux56.iso. It looks like Architect is still on 20.0 even though the page is about a release announcement for 20.1, but that’s whatever.

With that in mind, any advice on what packages to install to get this thing working?

Hi @AnthonyMonterrosa :wink:

You will need to install the kernel also, since for example linux54-zfs is only the module:

mhwd-kernel -i linux54


pamac install linux54-zfs

Manjaro boots here with linux56, but downloads all packages for the server. It doesn’t matter here which kernel, you need to choose the correct kernel.

However… every Desktop ISO has also Architect builtin. So you can boot a Desktop ISO and run Architect with a double click.

But i must confess, since Architect ISO is running on a dropped EOL kernel, it is not really ideal for ZFS.

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