Architect install questions

Going to do Architect install on the second ssd on new notebook, no dual boot

since I never made a manual install on efi system I was going to do it via architect using automated partitions and I’ve few question:

  1. will the automated install take care to set all the partitions needed?
  2. will the grub install be automated too?
  3. when it will come to video drivers install, selecting auto-install video drivers will use free or non-free? will Prime be used?

I’m thinking to use unconfigured desktop install too (plasma)


Yes, but I prefer to make a 100MB /boot/efi partition, and the rest for /

If you select grub, then yes, there are multiple options when it get to that step. I use rEFInd, but for a 1 distro setup, grub is fine.

Free or non-free depends on your video card. If you use NVIDIA, you want to use non-free.

sorry i made the wrong question…

I want to mean automatic partitioning…

And I said yes to your question:

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