Arch Linux has switched from hwids to hwdata causing AUR difficulties until next stable update

Hi all,

This is just a heads-up for some minor upgrade bumps ahead.

I noticed Arch has removed the now discontinued hwids from their repos and replaced it with hwdata. Which will affect the following:

hwids was Required By : pciutils systemd usbutils corectrl (AUR)

hwdata is Required By : archboot archboot-arm libosinfo lshw pciutils systemd systemd (testing) usbutils corecrtl (AUR)

I got an update alert for AUR’s corecrtl but cannot update until next stable update of at least pciutils, systemd and usbutils.

For anyone else having similar problems, this is just to let you know updates will probably proceed as usual at the next stable update.


When trying to update corectrl on pamac I get the error message

could not satisfy dependencies:
- unable to satisfy dependency 'hwdata' required by corectrl

hwdata is missing in the repos.

I’m up to date with

sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack && sudo pacman -Syyu

Guess it just means waiting for updates.


I can’t update corectrl because my repos don’t have hwdata yet.

Same here. hwdata is missing in the repo. Unable to update corectrl at the moment. Put me at the queue.

On Arch was added 2 days ago and on Manjaro is in unstable


If unsure how Manjaro branches work, here is a summary:

  • Manjaro Unstable repository pulls from Arch Stable repository.
  • Manjaro Testing repository inherits from Manjaro Unstable.
  • Manjaro Stable repository inherits from Manjaro Testing.

When the next stable update is pushed and hwdata will be available in the repos, will the dependency error resolve itself?

I.e. pamac/pacman will detect that hwdata is available and elect to install it before updating (in my case) corectrl?

pacman will ask you if you want to replace hwids with hwdata. Confirm that with “y” an things will be ok.

pamac I don’t know. Most likely it will automatically replace it.

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