Arch driver for Epson V300 scanner

Hello Manjaro team -
I have an Epson V300 scanner, and until recently didn’t think it was supported on any linux platform for lack of a driver (that I could get to work, anyway). Just the other day I found that their driver does work once I installed it correctly (duh!) on Ubuntu or Red Hat distros, but there’s nothing on the Epson site supplying a driver for Arch systems.

I did find a page on the AUR Arch user repository site (would post the URL here but it’s not allowed, I guess) but am not savvy enough to know what it means or how to use the info that’s supplied. The compressed driver package from the Epson website ultimately supplies a ./ script. Is it possible that the same script has been modified for Arch distros? What should be my next step?


I think this is what I’m looking for: iscan-plugin-gt-f720 2.30.4-2

Hello @Reid :wink:

That should be then this package:

$ LANG=C pamac info iscan-plugin-gt-f720
Name                  : iscan-plugin-gt-f720
Version               : 2.30.4-2
Description           : EPSON Image Scan! plugin for Epson scanners (GT-F720, GT-S620,
                        Perfection V30, Perfection V300 Photo)
URL                   :
Licenses              : custom:EPSON EULA
Repository            : AUR
Depends On            : iscan
Maintainer            : Muflone
First Submitted       : 11/08/15
Last Modified         : 07/26/20
Votes                 : 10

Just install it with:

pamac build iscan-plugin-gt-f720

AUR PKGBUILD’s are instructions to build a package. Here it downloads the package from and install it.

You will need to install iscan first:

pamac install iscan

this is PERFECT… Thanks so much.
I do have a follow-up question but it’s Christmas Eve and time to be with family. More later, if that’s ok.