Arc Menu keeps disappearing "panels[i] is undefined"

Strange issue on a system that’s always on but I barely use (runs a few docker containers):
The Arc Menu keeps disappearing.
When I go to Extensions Manager, Arc Menu is disabled and shows an error “panels[i] is undefined” and I cannot enable it. But when I re-login it’s fine again.
My Panel itself is totally fine.

How can I prevent this from happening? I think it started after I updated and rebooted, about 1 or 2 wks ago.

Where did you install ArcMenu from? The latest version is 46, make sure you’re up to date. In the Extensions application, is it listed under Manually Installed, Built-In or both?

Arc Menu is archived, no longer maintained since while now:

I suppose it will stop working completely since it would need to be ported to support Gnome 45…

I am a bit lost with Gnome without it and dash to panel :frowning:

Are you sure? :wink: ArcMenu - GNOME Shell Extensions