Apptainer, can add into software center?

Beside flatpak, snap … We can add gui support for apptainer to help end-user easily installing extented software ?

Software store :

Hello there ho is “we”?

I speak English not clearly

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What is it?

That doesn’t look like a software store to me and there’s no mention of this “apptainer”.

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Since the community decided to move the project into the Linux Foundation with the constraint of a name change to the project, it has been a goal of the project to minimize the impact to the user base.

What is Apptainer and what does it do? Why should we add support for it?

It seems it’s very early in development from what I read. What software projects utilize it? I’ve never heard of it before.

Users already have access to the official repositories, the AUR, Snaps and Flatpak. Between those options and AppImages, just about any application out there can already be installed.

Why did you choose the username apptainer? Are you affiliated with the project in some way?

I think apptainer is future of container on linux, so i choose ít for username .
Apptainer like snap in ubuntu, but intended to rootfs instead of applications
We should support ít because kernel and rootfs change frequently. Using apptainer, we don’t need update daily . And can make base-iso-install smaller , we only need install app on demand

If you have nothing to do with the project why are you using their name as if you do. You’re mis-representing yourself and the project.

I don’t think you quite understand what apptainer is. Not sure I do for that matter.

I get the feeling you see apptainer as a way to avoid updating, it’s not. It’s a way of providing a reproducible containerised environment for HPC and scientific computing.

If there’s too much stuff installed or the base install is too big then try Arch or Gentoo.

If you want to update less, then either use a distro with a versioned release schedule, or update at a more sensible interval. I update whenever I feel like it/remember, usually every 1-2 months.

It seems Arch has already added apptainer to the community repo and it also exists in the AUR along with singularity-ce and singularity-container-git.

$ yay -Ss apptainer
aur/apptainer-git 1.0.0.r137.ga7df110a8-1 (+1 0.00) 
    Application containers for Linux
community/apptainer 1.1.5-1 (18.0 MiB 100.3 MiB) 
    Application containers for secure high performance computing

$ pacman -Si apptainer
Repository      : community
Name            : apptainer
Version         : 1.1.5-1
Description     : Application containers for secure high performance computing
Architecture    : x86_64
URL             :
Licenses        : BSD  custom:LBNL
Groups          : None
Provides        : None
Depends On      : fakeroot  fuse2fs  fuse-overlayfs  squashfs-tools  squashfuse  libseccomp  e2fsprogs
Optional Deps   : None
Conflicts With  : singularity-container
Replaces        : singularity-container
Download Size   : 17.99 MiB
Installed Size  : 100.35 MiB
Packager        : George Rawlinson <>
Build Date      : Wed 11 Jan 2023 08:18:10 GMT
Validated By    : MD5 Sum  SHA-256 Sum  Signature

If anyone would like to know a little more:

Introduction to Apptainer — Apptainer User Guide 1.1 documentation
Singularity (software) - Wikipedia


As mentioned above, apptainer is already in the community repo.

So seems this thread can be closed as it’s already implemented.


Before finding apptainer, i using x11docker for binding x11 to docker container. GitHub - mviereck/x11docker: Run GUI applications and desktops in docker and podman containers. Focus on security.
I recommend apptainer, because it is standard and easy than x11docker

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