Appreciation post

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to share my happiness with someone.
I’ve been away from my house for a week for family reasons and, before departing, I brought along with me my old tablet PC on which i recently installed Manjaro.
It’s an old acer aspire p3, 3rd generation i3 (dual core CPU), 2gb of ram, touchscreen and bluetooth keyboard and I must say this PC F***ING FLYES with Manjaro!
Even with the 2gb of ram I’m able to multitask, browse the internet without slowdowns, read documents and PDFs with spotify running in the background and guys remember, this tablet PC is 10 years old now XD
Touch support on wayland is getting better by the month now and i’m very happy with it.
I installed windows 10 on this PC a couple of years ago and it performed so bad I thought it’s time had come but it still carries on and it’s all thanks to Manjaro and the awesome team behind Manjaro!

Thanks guys, offering a top notch experience on Desktop pcs is amazing, but doing so while maintaining this good of an experience on low-end hardware is something else.


What is more surprising to me is that the battery didn’t short, explode or gone dry since 10 years


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Right? XD
To be fair, it really doesn’t have 10 years of use on it’s shoulders…
My dad got it somewhere 5 years ago and it was basically unused, installed windows 10 and then forgot about it, no one wanted to use it because of how bad it performed…
I gave it a try a couple of years ago and reinstalled windows, then gave it to my girlfriend who used it through the lockdown for online lessons.
As soon as I got it back I installed Manjaro and now it is finally usable.

Long story short, the SSDs SMART data reports 1 month and a couple of weeks of uptime, so the battery hasn’t been used all that much either :rofl: