Applying themes and customisations?

Hey all,

I’m Sam. I’ve been around with Manjaro for about the last year, on and off as I’m still distro hopping. I always seem to come back to Manjaro, however after a while I quite like a change in the way things look, hence why I distro hop because I quite like the preset DE theming of different distros, currently I’m on endeavouros which I’m enjoying, but want a change of look again, and the one thing I loved about Manjaro was the gnome-layout-switcher that has preset options.
However, there are still a few things I love about Manjaro and a few things I’m unsure of.

When applying gnome themes, I’ve never had much luck with Manjaro because of the pre-theme that’s been applied, I’ve also tried removing the manjaro brand theming via Manjaro Layout Switcher however it just gives me an error, then when I reboot it has changed the grub customisation, and cannot find the kernel.

Has anyone else been able to apply gnome themes and any instructions on how to do so? Once I’ve done one, I can figure out the rest.

Thank you so much.

You can set whatever team you like with the (gnome)tweak-tool.

All you need to be sure of is that you install/extract the themes to the right path. You can find this most of the times in the Readme provided with the Theme