Apply default settings after updating to new release version

I have a potentially silly question regarding applying the newest distro settings when updating on manjaro.

I have been running manjaro gnome on a desktop that I use as a simple home server for more than a year now. I keep the system up to date and I am generally happy with manjaro as a casual user.

Recently, I installed a fresh copy of manjaro on my laptop and noticed several new features, themes, apps, etc have been added that make the system much nicer to use and look at. These changes include new zsh themes and plugins, the gnome shell and icon theme, a nicer default wallpaper, layout tweaks, better qt theming, distro specific tweaks for various apps, hardware acceleration improvements, and more. As best as I can tell, these new changes were not applied to the server.

Is there a way to apply the newest default manjaro theme and app settings you get from a fresh install, but through pamac updates? I would prefer not to need to do a fresh install to make my current install look, feel, and perform the same as a fresh install.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Normally it gets updated. The default settings for a fresh profile are located here:

ls -laR /etc/skel

So I guess, to get a fresh looking desktop is creating a new account.

sudo useradd --create-home newusername
sudo passwd newusername

Megavolt, thank you for the reply.

There are indeed lots of config files in the skel directory that seem to be what I am looking for.

Is there some command to force the system to rebuild or update the user’s config files? I think creating new users would be a mess with the way I use the system. If the system normally updates these files, it seems like there would be some way to trigger that process.

cp -rf /etc/skel/.* ~/
rm -f ~/.config/dconf/user

This overwrites your settings with default settings and deletes your personal gnome settings. After this, logging out and back in should give you the current default settings. Caveat emptor, this is likely to remove also some of your personal configurations that you light have wanted to keep. You may want back up that dconf database before trying this so you can revert the changes if you want.


That seems to work as expected. I do not have any complex non-gui customizations that need to be preserved, so I have not noticed any issues on that front.

I did need restart twice locally and change some settings back to how I like them. The re-configuring of themes and gui preferences was expected and actually welcome as it lets me have that ‘new install config’ experience without needing to redo all my server configs.

Thank you for the assistance.


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