Applicaton switcher (Alt-Tab) not working on LXQT 2.0 with KWIN

Dear Community,

I searched the forum and the net but I couldn’t find anything. I’m on Manjaro 24.0.2 stable branch. On LXQT 2.0 with KWin_x11 I’m encoutering a strange behaviour. The application switcher is not working when I press ALT-TAB. When I open KDE system settings I see the Short Cuts are not activated. When I activate Alt-Tab it is still not working. When I re-enter KDE System Settings I find the keyboard shortcut empty again. It seems the settings are not saved.

Btw. when I log in to a KDE Plasma wayland session everything is working fine.

Maybe s.o. can point me to the right direction?


Manjaro is generally suited to using only the DE installed with the distribution; the settings you mention may be specific to a DE. Having LXQt also installed may require that these settings be configured only with the appropriate (DE-specific) method(s), for each environment.

This is only a guess. Good luck.

Using LXQT with KWin it is forseen to use KDE System Settings to maintain certain Window Manager related settings. I have a 2nd Laptop with Lubuntu (LXQT 1.4) installed, there everything is working flawless.

Currently I don’t even know if the issue is related to LXQT 2.0 itself, missing access rights on the LXQT instance or maybe some missing build parameters in manjaro…

Received feedback from the LXQT Github Community.

usr/lib/klglobalacceld has not been autostarted

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