Applications/Settings Menu Freezing Manjaro 20.1 WebDad JADE


I decided to install Manjaro with the new experimental desktop environment. For the most part, I love it so far. Easy to use, tiles my windows automatically, and everything is readily accessible. F12 Guake and live wallpapers are pretty sweet too.

The only problem I keep encountering is that the bottom left task bar where the applications and files menu is keeps freezing up on me, making it so I need to reboot. To be more specific, it’s Applications Menu, the Settings menu (doesn’t pop up when I move mouse to left of screen either), and the Power menu all lose functionality. I know it’s unstable software and still in it’s infancy, but has anyone found a quick fix for this problem yet?


What version did you download? Because I have not been able to install it, I have tried it in different ways, but it did not exceed 95 % there it gets stuck.

I installed latest version 4.0 and had no issues. Then I updated and rebooted with no issues. @codesardine has been doing amazing changes and improvements …

I guess by the date you posted versions 4 was not available, that was a bug that happends when you had tiling on under settings and is now fixed.

Try latest version, updating is not recommended.