Applications Menu Disappeared

My Applications Menu / Launcher button (like start button) has disappeared and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it back. I still have the “Activities” button along with the weather and all of the other stuff to the right (time date, network, power), but no applications button.

Per Neofetch…
Running Manjaro x86_64 with 5.6.19-3-rt12-MANJARO kernel under GNOME 3.36.6.

Any help or pointers to get it back would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for helping a noob.
I have done a few restarts, no success in getting it back. Seems to have disappeared in the last day or so. I could do a timeshift and go back but I want to know the solution and learn a bit.


Sounds like a standard gnome desktop to me

(ex see:

You can always edit/add yourself … or use the gnome-layout-switcher utility.

Thank you! Figured out it was the arcmenu that had gone missing. Back to normal and learned a bit, so again, thanks.

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