Application windows stopped responding on kde plasma

hey guys, i’m not even sure if i’m in the right place to ask this question, i’m just gonna go ahead and ask:

i do not know what happened but when i boot into manjaro, after some time everything just stops responding, i cant minimize or close windows, i cant interact with the open ones for example i cant click anything in brave browser or any other app that is open, but what’s more strange is that keyboard shortcuts work just fine, for example when i press alt + space search pops up and when i enter app name and press enter it opens that app.

any solutions ? anyone?? any feedback at all would be much appreciaterd

I’m afraid you’re not the only one with such problems. If you look around on the forum — hint: the forum has a search function — you will quickly discover that for many of us Plasma users, the upgrade from Plasma 5.24.6 to 5.25.5 has left us with symptoms like yours at best, and a completely unusable desktop experience at worst.

There is as yet no real solution to the problem, other than that, if you have a backup from before the upgrade, then you can restore the backup, add IgnoreGrp = plasma to /etc/pacman.conf, and then update your system again. This will update your entire system but leave you on Plasma 5.24.6.

It must however be said — and emphasized — that this is not a supported solution, because this will put your system in a partial-upgrade scenario, and the chances are very real that any future system updates may cause major breakage on your system.

So basically, the above approach works — for now — but it’s not guaranteed to continue working in the foreseeable future, and Manjaro will not support partial upgrades. So if you go ahead and do this — as several of us have done — then you’re on your own.


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Changing to a new major Plasma-Release might need to drop all personal settings and extensions. You can test that by creating a new user on your system to see if that helps. Migration scripts not always work to migrate personal settings. Else you can check if a fresh ISO with Plasma 5.25.5 might help