Application not installed and database error

I’m a newbie and I’m trying to update the apps but I’m getting a database error
I am attaching the photos related to this matter

used : sudo pacman-mirrors -g -f5
pamac upgrade --force-refresh
but not working…

screenshot removed

Thank you for your attention
screenshot removed

Don’t attach photos - upload them to an image sharing site and share the link to it.
Even better:
use words to describe - and copy/paste the text instead of making screenshots.

There is no mention of a database error in any of your images, btw.

sudo pacman-mirrors -c Germany
for instance, instead of what you did

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There is, in the last image: the three last lines. But of course, I cannot copy and paste them, because the newbie did what all newbies do and included screenshots, instead of copying and pasting. :wink:

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Ah, now I saw it.

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pamac-tray-icon-plasma, v86d and zsh-theme-powerlevel10k are all available from the official repositories. Why do you have AUR versions installed?

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Please look carefully at the last photo, the end of the database error text is clearly written… : ==> invalid or corrupted database … <==

search for that term - you shall find posts and likely even a wiki on how to deal with this issue
disable AUR - to first update the system using the standard repositories

Switch back to standard pamac - instead of pamac-aur or whatever AUR version of it you have now.

Use pacman.


Hi @soheil and welcome to the Manjaro community.

As a new user, please take some time to familiarise yourself with Forum requirements; in particular, the many ways to use the forum to your benefit:

Update using pacman:

sudo pacman-mirrors --continent && sudo pacman -Syu


Update using pamac:

pamac update

Optionally add --force-refresh

Note that it’s update not upgrade. :eyes:


I don’t know if I have installed from the graphical installer… how to install from the main repository? I am a newbie…

Thank you for your attention and love (:
I use the graphical interface (add/remove software) to install the program and I install the latest version of any program I need from there… Is my work not correct? Where should I install the programs I need?
I could not find the command to properly install the program with the extension (AppImage) that I have downloaded and I can only run them… Can you guide me in this matter… It is very difficult for me because I am a newbie. This is done… I know that I may not have asked this question in the right place… but these two things really confused and saddened me… My prayers are with you…

Thank you.

There is a helper application known as AppImage Installer*.

Despite the name, it does not install a packaged .appimage application; it does, however, integrate your downloaded package with the system, such that an icon is placed in the menu, for example.

If that’s what you had in mind, AppImage Installer can be installed/built from the Arch User Repository (AUR), using the pamac commandline:

pamac build appimage-installer-bin

Please note that the AUR is officially unsupported by Manjaro (or Arch); this usually infers that no assistance will be given should you have difficulty with a package from that source.

It is recommended to install application packages from the Official Manjaro Repositories. This should be normally be the first choice before any other sources; before containerised versions of packages such as snap, flatpak or appimage. It is only if a package does not exist in the official repositories that an alternate source should even be considered.

The pamac-manager (Add/Remove Software) is convenient for some, but history has shown it is not always reliable. I (and others) choose to use the commandline to install applications as needed; this is what I would recommend. However, Linux is about choice - use whatever you’re comfortable with - but remember, sooner or later, you will likely neeed to learn how to use the commandline for various tasks.



update and upgrade are the same thing for pamac, and take the same arguments. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Interesting; I was unaware there was a literal upgrade command for pamac (but then, I use pacman btw…).


update and upgrade are the same thing

pamac help

An interesting thing just happened to me: the backlight of my laptop’s keyboard, which was not working until now, fixed itself and is working… now if I can control it, it will be great… my laptop is acer predator helios neo 16 and Its hardware specifications are:
Cpu: core i9 hx
Gpu: Nvidia 4060
Ram: 32 Gb
ssd: 2 TB
Is there a special software that I can use to manage the entire hardware like the control center of Windows?
It will be great if it happens…
And to be able to play heavy games in Manjaro… such as: Reddead2, pes2024, PabG
In this case, can you guide me so that I can completely remove Windows from my laptop and be free…?
I installed the wine program, but it doesn’t work very well, unfortunately…
Thank you for all your kindness and attention, dear ones (:slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :seedling: :palm_tree: