Application list to open "X" files with


New to Gnome DE.
Is there a way to set up Gnome so it gives a list to open X file with a list of application without switching open with “Default Applications”?
Now I have to switch Default Application when I want to open a specific file with different applications.

Is Right click file > Open With Other Application what you’re looking for?

Kinda. But when I go there it switches my default application to open the file(s) with. Exampel; I want gthumb to view my pictures, but when I want to edit the pictures I want to use Gimp but I don’t want Gimp to be the default Application.

The first time you do it it for each file type it will switch the default. However, if you Right-click file > Properties > Open With and choose the default application there, the next time you Right click file > Open With Other Application and choose an alternate it won’t change the default.


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