Application launcher - Hide some icons

Is there a way how I can hide some icons at the bottom of the screen? For example: I want only the shutdown and restart icon. I do not want to see the other posibilities. Thanks in advance for your answer!

Is that the Application Dashboard? If so, it looks very different from mine and ─ if I may say so ─ quite chaotic. :astonished:

Here’s what mine looks like… :arrow_down:

Anyway, whichever application launcher it is, if you open up the System Settings and navigate to…

Workspace → Startup and Shutdown → Desktop Session

… there will be a checkbox there labeled “Offer shutdown options”. Uncheck that. In addition to that, you may also have to right-click the icon for the launcher and change some settings there.

However, if that is a screenshot of the Application Dashboard, then I don’t think you can remove those items. As you can see, mine is organized in a different way, and it also does still offer all choices under the “Power/Session” section. :thinking:


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@ Aragorn: Thanks a lot for your hint! I’ve changed the application launcher in the same launcher that you’re using. It looks less chaotic and I can manage some icons.


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