Application is not opening or mostly broken

I have installed barrier kvm (which supports sharing mouse and keyboard between multiple PC) in Manjaro Xfce but unfortunately it shows the app in search but its not opening and in add/remove software it is not giving remove option and i am not able to install any other versions of the barrier application. please help me how to remove that application and reinstall it

How did you install it?

add/ remove software Aur pacakage

Why AUR if there is an official package? From your screenshot is not installed …

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I just went with the first option at that time now how to remove it and next time on-wards i will go with official repo. if you want to know any output of commands to resolve this issue i can provide that also

The output of trying to start the application might be a good place to start.

How to restart the application when it is not opening in the first place and i have restarted the PC

It seems the executable is barrier

i didnt got your point. what should i do exactly

Type barrier into the terminal and press Enter.
Then copy here any errors or output.

Please just copy text. Images are not necessary. See this:
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How do you have barrier installed?
The following for example will search installed packages:

pacman -Qs barrier

Go to the folder ~/.local/share/applications and look if you have a barrier.desktop file,if there is delete it,that should delete the entry in the search,if that the case you can install barrier again.

Thanks a lot this has resolved my issue

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