Application in PlayOnLinux has no internet connection


I managed to make my favourite online banking software Banking4 run on Manjaro with PlayOnLinux. Unfortunately, it cannot connect to the internet - although there is no specific firewall configuration etc. :confused:
On Ubuntu it works from the scratch!

How can I fix this on Manjaro?

The installation requires samba, winbind, wget, curl, fonts-wine. As there is no separate winbind package for Manjaro, anything I should change in the default settings for Samba? What else can block the internet access?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I heard from people at proton-ge that wine developers may have broken their network layer at some point, preventing some connections to work.
Ubuntu still works because it may use an older version, that doesn’t include the regression yet.

Thank you!

In PlayOnLinux, I’m using wine 6.5 - but the problem remains when I switch to wine 6.0.

Anything I could do to fix this issue?

Btw, here is the installation guide for my software (in German): banking4w unter ubuntu · /