Application adds itself as default open action

This is a follow up to this thread:

as it is now closed I can’t reply to it, but I want the information to be available.

Today Ark was the default program to open most text documents on my system, which makes absolutely no sense, the same when qbittorent was also the default program to open all text files long time ago.

The problem is that for whatever reason (I think this happened after I selected Ark in Firefox to open a .zstd file, which it can not by the way, but this is off topic), Ark was added in the file ~.config/mimeapps.list as the default/first application for application/octet-stream.

So the fix was simple, I removed it from the line (and left Kate as the default application there, you can simply remove all application there but for me it is more practical to have Kate there).

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So here you go, no more Ark as default for most of the files on the system. On the other thread user fixed it by removing the ~.config/mimeapps.list file but the real solution was to remove the problematic application from this line.