Apple Magic Keyboard not visible in bluetooth devices

Hello everyone! I’ve just switched to Manjaro after five years in macOS. I’m trying to connect my Apple Magic Keyboard with Bluetooth to the new desktop. I found some instructions on how to do it on Arch, but they don’t seem to apply: I can’t include links yet so please google wiki archlinux Apple_Keyboard

pamac install hcitool
Error: target not found: hcitool

I have bluetoothctl, bluez, bluez-utils… Any ideas?

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hcitool/hciconfig has been deprecated since 2017, and now they’re obsolete. There is still hope, though, but no guarantee.

Hello @maciej

Have you found any solution? I have the same problem with my Magic Keyboard (1st gen). It works fine with other laptops, but unfortunately is not visible from Manjaro Bluetooth settings.

I solved the issue, but I’m not sure it’s the best way to do that.

All guides I’ve seen mentioned bluetoothctl (part of bluez), which breaks dependencies if we try to install it. However, I found a suggestion to install bluez-utils-compat.

After that, bluetoothctl can be finally used, so I paired the keyboard without any problems.