Apple keyboard causes Xorg to fail

Hi everyone,

This is more of a quick question in seeking of confirmation.

I have a Apple aluminium wired keyboard which had been working fine until some unfortunate day a couple of months ago when hid_apple module became a bit troublesome. That day I found out that if I press brightness control button and hold it to quickly increase or decrease brightness, Xorg (quite often) fails bringing whole session down. My question is: can anyone reproduce this issue?

PS: I blame hid_apple because a hold of my laptop’s (same purpose) buttons do not cause such failures.

Edit: looks like I need to provide further explanation. Brightness adjustment works. With laptop’s buttons (holding them or pressing and releasing with little to no interval, no matter). And with Apple keyboard, too, with quick or slow pressing and releasing of respective keys. But pressing and holding of these keys on Apple keyboard, which used to work before, now very often results in X server failure.

perhaps try the patched version

similar issue :point_down:

No it’s not. I edited the first post to make perfectly clear what is wrong. Again, I’m looking for confirmation on whether this issue occurs from people who use Apple keyboards.