Apple Keyboard and Manjaro

Hi there,
I can’t get the keyboard of my Apple MacBook to work under Manjaro. I have set the preferences to Austrian Macintosh. But I cannot set @ or |. Is there another key combination for this?

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Hi @IdEBugla,

Apple products are notorious for having trouble in anything other than iOS. Your best bet would be to check this out:

Try to set it to defaults or to something else?
What that “something else” could be I don’t know.

There are not a lot of people reporting this - they may have just went with default layout.

on a normal keyboard, one does not need to “set @ or |” - it’s just there, on the key

But Macs are a bit of a special case in many cases.

Go with default layout - don’t be too specific as to Austrian and Mac

when you change layouts in Xfce - there is always a typing area where you can test what output each key stroke will yield

trial and error …

install the following package

pamac install hid-apple-patched-git-dkms

a reboot is required after installation


then I get the error message, destination not found

please check

pamac search hid-apple-patched-git-dkms

post the output

worked, can now work properly!
Many thanks for the tip!

Best regards