AppImageLauncher Desktop integration fails with joplin-appimage

Disclaimer: for some reason i cannot link to images or upload them in my post so I put the links into the Text. i am sorry for this awkwardness.

Hello There! I got a small annoyance that has sneaked into my new Manjaro installation of a few days ago.

I use Joplin cross-platform. As such, I like to have it on the latest AppImage Version which you can find in the AUR under “joplin-appimage”.

The installation works fine and the program itself shows no problems. works like a charm. The program gets listed in my software and has a launcher inside the menu.

BUT: every time i try to start the program the appimagelauncher comes up.

LINK:—> imgur.c*m/8i8XXx2

as you can see. there already IS a Joplin appimage in the applications folder. For some reason, the appimagelauncher does not see this.

  • Run once --> Joplin starts and the dialogue will open at the next startup
  • Integrate and Run --> see image below


now the launcher sees the appimage already inside the folder. I can try to overwrite or use just the appimage inside the folder already

  • No --> Joplin starts and the dialogue will open at the next startup
  • Yes --> see image below


The launcher successfully deletes the old appimage, but can’t move the new one into the folder and offers to just copy it. after pressing OK the appimage gets copied into the folder and the program starts:


This ritual repeats itself at every start of the program. Is there a way to fix this?

thx in advance for any help you guys can provide.

best regards

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it maybe a size issue for the photos.

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dont know. the error literally says: “you cannot include multimedia objects into your posts”

But i hope you can still get to the images and help me figure out the problem with appimage

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Joplin was recently marked ‘out of date’ in AUR. Hence I recently did another search and discovered that even the ‘latest pre-release’ is out of date now - so the new option was joplin-appimage 1.6.1-1

Thankfully it’s a bit quicker than before, but when launching we have failed Desktop integration.

The file copies from /opt/appimages/Joplin.Appimage, my system now warns me:

AppImage with same filename has already been integrated.
Do you wish to overwrite the existing AppImage?

Choosing No will run the AppImage once, and leave the system in its current state.

So assuming the integration did not go smoothly, I opt to do it again - and another familiar error

Failed to move AppImage to target location. Try to copy AppImage instead?

I then see ‘appimagekit_c42f446ba274ddae3a865f33ae0f5381-Joplin.desktop’ appear in my .local/share/applications folder with no icon. Joplin is also running as expected.

Next step is to quit Joplin and try to start it up again.

It’s a mess. So I can apply an icon to the .local/application file, I then need to go to /opt/appimages and do sudo rm to clear that out, and THEN also to /usr/share/applications to remove another entry.

So finally, when I hit the menu, I find appimagekit_c42f446ba274ddae3a865f33ae0f5381-Joplin which I put an icon to, and it shows as ‘Joplin’ in the menu.

Why is this so broken?

The joplin-appimage AUR package and the AppImage in your ~/Applications/ folder are two different things.

When you run an AppImage and choose to Integrate and run, AppImageLauncher moves it to ~/Applications and copies a desktop file to ~/.local/share/applications/. To run it from then onward, use the menu shortcut. There are options in the menu context menu to remove and update it (when applicable).

This is not an issue with AppImageLauncher, it’s doing what’ it’s programmed to do. The joplin-appimage AUR package installs the AppImage to a read-only location, which AppImageLauncher is not meant to be used with. It’s badly packaged and I do not recommend using it.

Ok, I’m shocked that nobody noticed - new forum I guess.

So basically it’s ok to use, but needs manual intervention because appimage integration is not quite fully implemented (i.e. cannot ask for admin rights to do what needs to be done).

Generally I don’t like appimage too much, but for something like this (which took ages to install/build at every update) it’s the best option. It’s a good way for me to make notes, copy a recipe etc and have it work across my devices.

Yes, it is. Again, the AUR package does something with an AppImage that shouldn’t be done. AppImages are meant to used in user space only.