Appimage FUSE error

When I launch the Zoho Mail desktop AppImage I get, “cannot mount AppImage please check your fuse setup.”

When I open this AppImage for the first time after a reboot, I do not get the error. But if I close it and then reopen it, I get the error every time after that.

The AppImage works fine, I just have to close the error message every time.

This is only happening on one of my Manjaro machines but not the other. Both are using Plasma.

See screenshot:


You need install fuse3 or/and fuse2.
Can you try it for FUSE setup:

sudo chmod u+s "$(which fusermount)"


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I tried:

sudo chmod u+s "$(which fusermount)"

Didn’t work after rebooting.

It looks like I have fuse-common, fuse2, and fuse3 already installed.

Did you try ./[YOUR_APP].AppImage --appimage-extract-and-run?

Before you have to run chmod +x [YOUR_APP].AppImage

I am using appimagelauncher to manage my appimages. It creates an “Applications” folder and runs from there.

Are you suggesting I download the appimage again and run it for the first time using your command?

Would I have to run that command every time I open the appimage? I’ll give it a try.

No, you don’t need to download the AppImage again. It was already installed in the “Applications” folder.

Does Zoha Mail App exist in KDE search menu?

I did not try AppImageLauncher, I am using Apps from Manjaro repos and AUR.

Yes, it is in the KDE search menu.

Then you can start it. Does it work?

Just ignore it. It is a erroneous message. There is actually nothing wrong with fuse or anything else.

The appimage works fine, so you are correct.

I was just trying to find a solution, so I don’t have to close the error message every time I open the app. If there isn’t one, I’ll just live with it.

It is odd though that this doesn’t happen on another machine with Manjaro.

This works and I don’t see the error anymore.

Is there a simpler way to run this command without opening a terminal, navigating to the appimage directory, and then running the command?

It’s quicker to just close the error message box than do all of that.

  • Create a new application script
  • Edit this script:

${HOME}/Applications/./[APP_NAME].AppImage --appimage-extract-and-run
  • Run chmod +x

  • KDE menu adds this script.

There is other possibility:

  • You can directly edit the native Zoho App in KDE menu and add --appimage-extract-and-run.

How do I edit it in the KDE menu? That seems easier than the bash script.

And I assume all of this will break when the appimage gets updated?

  1. In the KDE menu, on the app shortcut you wish to edit, Right Click and select Edit Application.
  2. At the top, select the Application tab.
  3. Add --appimage-extract-and-run to the end of the Command field.
  4. Click OK to exit.


It works great now with no error message.

I just added --appimage-extract-and-run to the end of the command, as you described.

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When you update new version of this AppImage, the new App will be created in the KDE menu. But it does not have this option --appimage-extract-and-run. You can edit it manually.

Excellent. Thank you for helping me figure this out!

It use to always happen. I think with successive updates from Zoho it gets better, cause where I use to get it all the time I only get everyother time now.

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