Appearances Settings slow to open in Manjaro KDE

I do not know if this a bug or not, but the Appearances section in System Settings in Manjaro KDE is very slow to open (after clicking the section it ‘buffers’ for a few moments, then completely loads). Other sections are ok, and after fully loading, the Appearances section is also ok.
Is there any solution to this?

Yeah, me too, takes about 2 seconds to load. Probably just Plasma’s problem.

But I tried EndeavourOS today, it does not buffer there :thinking:

Usually this is tied to having a weird theme, or old plasma cache.
Mine seems to load instantly, or less than 1sec anyways.
If it isnt themes, I suppose you can look here:

Using default Breath 2 2021; Cleared cache, but no result.
And I created the a VM, same buffering here.

Btw, my KDE plasma version is 5.22.5 [stable]
and yours should be 5.23.2. Is that somehow related?

in my case it’s not horrible,but it does take like 2 seconds to open(spinning wheel is visible) and it’s not as smooth as when choosing other system settings.

I meant existing in the directory. If you have themes lying around they could be contributing - for example the settings manager is trying to parse info that the theme does not provide, or does so in a deprecated manner.

I didn’t even install any single theme :sweat_smile:.

Exactly the same situation.

i don’t really mind it,it’s not a big deal.i went there a few times to set my themes and that’s i won’t bother to try and fix it and risk braking other stuff in the process.

It’s not a big deal, but it would be great if this would be fixed in future releases (since it’s not a universal KDE bug, I think).

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Thanks for a report, I’ll take a look.

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Ok, it looks it’s because of our themes’ previews are too big. Will be fixed with the next Breath2 theme update (that should be soon)


twas ‘weird themes’ :sweat_smile:


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